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The creation of a living space is the integration between human needs and objects.
We believe in visible connections of elements, materials and shapes.
These connections are the opportunity for creating your personal design.



Ulica is a boutique kitchen workshop based in Tel Aviv.

Ulica takes a fresh, creative & personal approach to kitchen & interior design that focuses on the client.

Every project is seen as an opportunity to provide a unique design solution, sensitively integrating between our client’s needs, the space, & Ulica designs, celebrating the connections between materials and elements.

We work with elite local craftsmen, providing the highest quality product available from raw materials through hardware, construction, and detailed finishing.

Our dedication to this process, our vast experience and the quality of our product ensures an outstanding result delivered with confidence.


Creation of your personal living space.

Celebrating the visible connections between materials and elements.


Frame & Content

Three different designs of metal frames, which give the structure. The carpentry is the content.


7 working areas

Analyzing our client needs by working areas and the components they consist of, to optimize functionality.



Ha'arava Project

Meltchet Project

Ma'amin Project

Mendelshtam Project